28 x 28-inches, 6-color serigraph (screen print) on handmade paper made from embedded coffee grinds, shredded Columbian coffee shipping bags and coffee-infused craft pulp. The brown ink is even made from coffee.

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The Favorite Things Series is just that; An art series dedicated to all my favorite things, but printed onto handmade paper, made from materials intimately related to the subject matter.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee? This is precisely why this ode to Java has its rightful place in the Favorite Things Series. The iconic symbol of steam rising from a cup of joe on a saucer is immediately meaningful to anyone who like me, depends on it to start the day. It is a visual reminder to pause, enjoy, reflect and plan the day. 

The design style used in this piece, utilizing large, exploded dot patterns serve as an interesting textural element as well as a fitting tribute to one of my favorite artists, Roy Lichtenstein. Although this piece was printed with 6 separate screens, using photographic stencils, there are only 3 colors used but implementing various ink opacities to achieve dimensional effects . The background circle, the rising steam and the cup are all white ink, but subtly vary in tonality due to the translucency of each.