Frazier Fountain

"Frazier Fountain" Only 5 signed and numbered 11x21-inch editions. 18-Color reduction method screen print on Strathmore 400 Paper.

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Jeff Frazier is an amazing photographer with an artist’s eye. He has the rare ability to recognize something simple and ordinary and through the lens of his camera, capture something profound and beautiful. This was one such image. It’s actually a simple garden fountain statuary on the side of his mother’s house. One autumn morning Jeff captured the image and posted it to his social media. The moment I saw it, I knew it was going to be my next piece. With his blessing, of course.  See Jeff’s work at

Each of the color separations in this piece, were designed by the artist and used to burn printing stencils using the photographic silkscreen process. Each stencil was used twice in two separate applications of color. Once to print a solid, base color and again to apply variations of tone and texture through a brush-applied monoprint technique known as Pochoir. This technique is rarely used in screen printing and results in the subtle variations, making each printed edition truly unique from one print to the next.

5 Editions were hand-pulled by the artist.