The Ministry of Silly Walks

6-foot x 18-inches, 4-color Serigraph (screen print) on handmade paper made from Holy Grail screenplays, Norwegian Blue parrot feathers and one other sacred ingredient.

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The Favorite Things Series is just that; An art series dedicated to all my favorite things, but printed onto handmade paper, made from materials intimately related to the subject matter.

This piece is the largest in the series and to anyone who has never attempted to make a six-foot piece of paper, I will tell you, it’s not an easy task. Special care was taken to go through eleven Holy Grail screenplays, and remove all the “good bits,” like separating wheat from chaff. It was important that these were clearly visible in the final piece. The feathers are an ode to The Dead Parrot Sketch, and the other ingredient is from part II of The Meaning of Life. The backdrop was collaged from actual houses at the crossing of Thorpebank Road and Dunraven Road in London, where the Ministry of Silly Walks was originally filmed.

I adore Monty Python’s dry, unapologetic humor and have been known to proudly blurt Python quotes in casual conversation, to blank stares from those who don’t get the reference. There’s truly nothing sadder than being the only one in the room when a bunch of Python fans start swapping lines.