Arbor Vitae

32x38 inch, Printed and hand-applied stenciling applied via pochior and reduction screen printing methods on Strathmore 400 paper.

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The Natural Contrast Series was born through the desire to experiment with shapes, various color application methods and various stenciling methods just to see what it had to teach me. The common thread in this series is the color scheme and each piece celebrates some element of nature. 

“Arbor Vitae” is Latin for Tree of Life. Only 2 editions of were printed. The blues and grays were first laid down on the paper by hand, using brushes, brayers and sponges through a hand-cut paper stencil. The color was layered over several days until I was happy with it. Then white was screen printed on top, and black was printed below, contrasting the image of the tree, above ground and the roots below. The drips were added by hand after, tying the two planes together.