Gingko Nouveau

Gingko Nouveau - A Traditional Japanese pen & ink design screen printed on the reverse of hand-shaped clear acrylic with gold leaf embellishments, suspended over beautifully textured handmade paper, also (of course) gold leafed. 19x40 Framed, One-of-a-kind piece, No reproductions or prints available.

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Gingko Nouveau was produced using a myriad of printmaking and artistic mediums. Each used to produce an intended, and desired effect .Ive always been fascinated with the work of Alphonse Mucha and the Art Nouveau movement. Their artistic efforts in bringing a more organic and handmade aesthetic to a broad audience also resonates with me, and it’s through this piece, that I pay homage to their works, their efforts, their boldness and ingenuity. 

Honestly, I threw everything I had at this piece and it all stuck, very nicely so. There’s reverse reduction method screen printing, hand-painting, multiple metal leaf applications, paper making, sealing, assembly, and framing. I’m very proud of it and although many of these process are outside of my wheelhouse, It taught me a lot and I’m thankful for the experience.