18x24-inch, 9-color serigraph (screen print) on Strathmore 400 series paper. Only 5 editions were printed.

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This piece was created as a lament. It’s dark and foreboding on purpose. The image of a beautiful, fiery woman wading into the darkness of a murky swamp illustrates how I felt throughout my relationship with her. Beautiful, exciting, full of fire and without fear, yet unreachable, volatile, unpredictable and often cruel.  The caption reads: “She burned a bit too hot, And waded out too deep, Always in my gaze, But forever out of reach.” only 5 editions were printed. Edition 1 was gifted to the woman pictured as a lovely parting-gift. 

Each of the color separations in this piece, were designed by the artist and used to burn printing stencils using the photographic silkscreen process. Each stencil was used twice in two separate applications of color. Once to print a solid, base color and again to apply variations of tone and texture through a brush-applied monoprint technique known as Pochoir. This technique is rarely used in screen printing and results in the subtle variations, making each printed edition truly unique from one print to the next.

5 Editions were hand-pulled by the artist.