Spring Thistles

"Spring Thistles" 18-color 24x30 inch, reduction method screen print Cold Embossed on Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper.

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I hate the cold. Each winter, when I just can not tolerate another chilling moment, I find myself longing for Spring. Watching the tips of tree branches for fresh buds and lawns for the first signs of emerging blades of grass, almost obsessively, groundhogs be damned. So, it’s no surprise that springlike themes show up in my artwork around the end of February. “Spring Thistles” was completed on the  27th, my birthday. A lovely gift, from me, to you. 

Each of the 9 color separations in this piece, were designed by the artist and used to hand-paint 9 stencils into one, single silkscreen, one over the top of the previous, using the reduction method screen print process. Each stencil was used twice in two separate applications of color. Once to print a solid, base color and again to apply variations of tone and texture through a brush-applied monoprint technique known as Pochoir. This technique is rarely used in screen printing and results in the subtle variations, making each printed edition truly unique from one print to the next. The yellow in this piece is overprinted with metallic gold and shimmers in the light… Perpetual Springtime.  

5 Editions were hand-pulled by the artist.