The Risk of Security

36x40-inch, 32-color Reduction Serigraph (screen print) on hand-tinted wood panel using traditional stenciling and pochoir techniques

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The 32 colors in this print were produced using a single screen and the reductive process. Hand painting the stencils alone took an excess of 80 hours. Each created by-hand with coloring and texture applied using traditional stenciling and pochoir techniques. 4 editions were hand-pulled by the artist.

The image of a stripped-down bicycle chained to a rack strikes a chord with everyone who sees it. Some immediately identify with the owner of the bike, meaning, you can do everything right sometimes and still end up getting screwed. Another group, including myself, identify AS THE BIKE. When we put our trust in the wrong people, when we hang onto toxic relationships and allow others to treat us poorly, when we make excuses for people who wouldn’t return the favor, WE ARE THE BIKE.

I created this piece as a reminder of the intrinsic value we have and how our fragile potential can be stripped bare, should we ever allow it (again).

Thanks to my son, Devan Thornhill for editing over 10 hours of video down to ten minutes.