Fishnet: The Price of Stability

40x30-inch, 1-color Serigraph (screen print) over color wash on archival Reives paper

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While at first glance this piece may seem sensual, the overall tone is intended to be much different. It was produced for a show entitled, “The Art of Love.” Submissions were to represent all types of love. 

Up to this point in my life, love was a trap. What one usually expects in return for commitment and love is, among other things, security and stability. I am a Pisces, represented by the koi. I was trapped in the net of sensuality and it’s lure, thinking it would provide what I deeply needed. Koi tattoos are traditionally applied “swimming” towards the heart. This one’s not, and for good reason. 

The color is a loose hand-wash and the black-trap netting overprint is the only thing that gives the piece it’s definition and form. This same technique was intentionally used in my subsequent piece,  “Janine”.  6 editions were hand-pulled by the artist.