18x18-inch, 1-color Serigraph (screen print) over color wash on handmade paper

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Janine was my second wife. After we first met, I had tried to explain to her what screen printing was, the processes and the joy I feel when pulling the final color on a piece. We had scheduled a date one evening where she would come to my studio to see the process for herself.

On the morning of this day, we were browsing some of her family photos and I was struck by one in particular, which I snuck into my pocket, took back to the studio and very quickly, recreated it in a very undefined, loose color wash and a black-trap screen.

When Janine arrived at the studio later that evening, everything was ready. The colored-wash piece was positioned under the screen, ready to accept the black impression. I lowered the screen, pulled the black, raised the screen, and she squealed with delight, “that’s me!”

…I left this piece hanging on the wall at her house after the divorce.  It’s probably been burned.