"Fleeting Serenity"- Inkscape Series, Monotype Print, Cold Embossed 30x44 in. on Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper.

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Early March, 2022, I was whining to my friend Val Lev about being stuck creatively, wondering what my next piece in the Inkscape series was going to be. She suggested, “Go outside, keep your eyes open and It will reveal itself to you.”
It was late afternoon, dark clouds had rolled-in and Shiloh and I were getting in a quick game of fetch in the park before the storm. Suddenly a beautiful Sandhill Crane appeared over the courthouse, swooped down into the park, and just as quickly continued it’s journey down the Cumberland River. Stunned by it’s beauty and sheer size, I watched it fly into the distance and wondered where it was going. Immediately, this scene appeared in my mind’s eye. 30 minutes later, I had a sketch and I knew it was going to be challenging. 
I’m very happy with this piece.

The Inkscapes are a series of monotype prints, depicting scenes and etherial landscapes as viewed through a cellular matrix or frames. Monotypes are basically single prints made by applying and removing ink on glass and then pressing the paper onto the image. Pressing can be done with a roller (etching) press or by hand. Multiple applications of ink or impressions may be made to achieve multiple colors, tonal or textural qualities, but you only get one. One shot. One print. One single image. Sort of like life, right?