"Leaving Safe Harbor"- Inkscape Series, Monotype Print, Cold Embossed 32x48 inch Tryptic on Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper.

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“Leaving Safe Harbor” Because it’s only by casting off from the familiar shores and exploring the unknown when you’ll begin to uncover the inner contours of your own soul. 

This piece is the image I had in-mind to develop when I fell in love with the monotype printing process. It taught me much in both developing this piece and all the months of learning, experimenting, failing and trying again leading up to it. 
If you notice in the piece, if you were in a boat sailing out of this harbor, you would likely be navigating somewhere between the first and second panel. This is on purpose. A constant reminder that we never really know exactly where we’re heading, and that’s ok. The point is to keep sailing. We’ll always end up exactly where we need to be. 
This piece has been sold. If you want one like it, please contact me

The Inkscapes are a series of monotype prints, depicting scenes and etherial landscapes as viewed through a cellular matrix or frames. Monotypes are basically single prints made by applying and removing ink on glass and then pressing the paper onto the image. Pressing can be done with a roller (etching) press or by hand. Multiple applications of ink or impressions may be made to achieve multiple colors, tonal or textural qualities, but you only get one. One shot. One print. One single image. Sort of like life, right?