Robert Johnson

18x28-inches , 4-color Serigraph (screen print) on handmade paper, made from shredded Bibles, scraps of blue jean denim and grass and dirt from the actual crossroads outside of Clarksdale Mississippi.

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The Favorite Things Series is just that; An art series dedicated to all my favorite things, but printed onto handmade paper, made from materials intimately related to the subject matter.

As the legend goes, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil late one night at the crossroads. In exchange, he could play the blues like no other. Whether you believe the myth or not, one thing is for sure. Robert Johnson, despite his brief lifetime, will always be known as the King of the Blues. His unique, musical style has influenced countless musicians across a plethora of musical genres. He also left his mark on me.

The paper is made from pulp and scraps of old Bibles because Johnson came out of a deeply superstitious, Biblically-based culture, and ultimately used these beliefs to help foster a “dark-sided” stigma around himself and his music. The denim, because it’s the clothes of the working class, the same culture that birthed the Blues. The grass and dirt came from the actual crossroads outside Clarksdale, Mississippi.