28 x 28-inches, 6-color serigraph (screen print) on handmade paper made from embedded coffee grinds, shredded Columbian coffee shipping bags and coffee-infused craft pulp. The brown ink is even made from coffee.

Video: The Making of “The Risk of Security”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXYNcRWndeY The Risk of Security is a 36×40-inch, 32-color Serigraph print on hand-tinted wood panel. The 32 colors in this print were produced using a single screen and the reductive process. Hand painting the stencils alone took

You’re Invited: Blockhouse Grand Opening Party

TheBlockhouse is Nashville’s premier full service Bar & Barbershop in the, Wedgwood Houston area. Saturday, October 1, They will be hosting a Grand Opening Party and reception, featuring the art of Terrell

The Risk of Security

36×40-inch, 32-color Reduction Serigraph (screen print) on hand-tinted wood panel using traditional stenciling and pochoir techniques

The Death of Faith

22×36-inch, 22-color Reduction Serigraph (screen print) using traditional stenciling and pochoir techniques on archival Rives paper.

The Ministry of Silly Walks

6-foot x 18-inches, 4-color Serigraph (screen print) on handmade paper made from Holy Grail screenplays, Norwegian Blue parrot feathers and one other sacred ingredient.


16×16 inches, 6-color Serigraph (screen print) on handmade paper made from fortune cookie fortunes, chop stick wrappers, placemats and hand-tinted with soy sauce.

BLOG: Old School Printing Stuff

I went browsing through a local antique shop today and found an old copper plate engraving from the 1940s or 1950s. These are the metal, engraved and etched plates that

BLOG: The Ketchup Pack Theory

Originally written in 2011, but still applicable: In the last few years, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. In chronological order: Going batshit crazy over stuff I had